Industry Resources

The Oregon hazelnut industry has a wealth of resources for new and existing growers, click on any to visit their website.  Some of the best are listed below:

A great resource for grower education, NGS holds one summer and one winter field day a year.  

HMB promotes the Oregon hazelnut industry through advertising, events and press releases. Their new website has lots of useful information.

OHC oversees research on Oregon hazelnuts.  It’s grower funded and grower-led. OHC funded the research that developed new varieties, like Yamhill and Jefferson.  

Birkemeier Farms is located in Canby owned by Nancy and Rich Birkemeier. They provide growers in the Willamette Valley with top quality hazelnut trees and assist Oregon State in new variety development. 

Willamette Hazelnut typically sells shells by the ton from October through March.

Tiling services based in Halsey, Oregon. Contact David Birky (541) 369-2918, Cell (503) 990-4260.

Farm drainage services located in Canby, Oregon. Visit or contact Ron at (503)209-9556.

The HGBA helps growers achieve the best field prices.  Willamette Hazelnut Growers has been a proud packer member of the HGBA since 1995.

OSU’s hazelnut site offers resources on new varieties, business planning, orchard care and more.

We put out weekly updates on industry news and events- the best way to stay connected to activity in the industry.  Visit our Facebook page for more information. 

Flying Feather Orchards is a fully integrated nursery and grower in Yamhill County that produces hazelnut trees that are sold around the Valley. The farm offers lease agreements to landowners to establish orchards to increase the value of their land. 

Lagoon maintenance and spreading. Contact Leonard Gerig (541) 619-4720, or Caleb Gerig (541) 401-7725.

Farming contractors based in Brooks, Oregon. Contact Rey (503) 602-7051, or Juan (503) 559-4326.

Custom harvest options located in McMinnville. Contact Thomas (971) 241-3268 or

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