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Orchard Care

Caring for your orchard is priority number one. At Willamette we have multi-generational experience in orchard care, plantings and production.


New Plantings

Willamette Hazelnut holds grower workshops to discuss orchard care as well as new plantings. Before you plant your orchard one should give consideration to varieties, soil conditions, orchard design and other factors.  Click on our Calendar and Growing Tips for more information or if you would like an invitation to our next event, please contact us.


Calendar and Growing Tips 

Grower Handbook


For the best results, Oregon State University offers publications that offer many tips for new, intermediate, and experienced growers. We recommend the Grower Handbook developed by Jeff Olson from OSU Extension Service. It covers:


  • Pruning & training

  • Fertilizing

  • Orchard floor management & weed control

  • Sucker control

  • Pest control

  • Harvesting


OSU Hazelnut Extension Service


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