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The Growth Project

Growth Project
The Growth Project

On November 20th, Willamette Hazelnut Growers and Crop Production Services hosted a meeting at the Evergreen IMAX Theater to inform new and existing growers about a new program, The Growth Project.

Nearly 130 people attended the meeting to learn more about the program and learn about the current hazelnut market.

The purpose of The Growth Project is to provide growers one-on-one guidance to help them achieve the highest yields in the industry. Members from both Willamette and CPS spoke about program benefits, which include crop protection and nutritional assistance, educational workshops, and chemicals and fertilizers at bulk pricing.

Industry members such as Joe Chacka from Loveland Products, Mike Klein from the Oregon Industries Office, and David Smith from the Oregon State Hazelnut Breeding Program gave presentations about hazelnut varieties, crop nutrition, and upcoming events like the 100th Nut Growers Society meeting on January 13th, 2015.

Willamette’s Michael Severeid spoke about the hazelnut market and what processors are doing to meet the new demand. This year we had a record price, and Turkey suffered a loss from a late frost, which opened up new opportunities for Oregon hazelnuts.

If you did not attend the meeting and would like more information regarding The Growth Project or would like to sign up, visit our Orchard Care page and contact Juliana Bertelli Birkemeier or Kasey Erm from CPS.

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