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Chile on the Rise

We know of the three main hazelnut producing countries in the world, Turkey, Italy and the U.S. (Oregon). But what about Chile? This year Chile is expected to supply 15,000 metric tons, and is steadily increasing each year.

Things you should know about the Chilean hazelnut crop:

  • Chile is the largest producer in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • They are grown in the La Araucania and Maule regions.

  • There are two kinds: the European hazelnut, and Chilean hazelnut, which grow on different trees, and have different flavors.

  • In 2011 there were 13,000 hectares (32,123 acres) planted, with 800-1,000 hectares added annually.

  • The trees cultivated are the Chilean versions of Barcelona and Tonda di Giffoni.

  • Ferrero has settled in Chile, and will use 75% for their products.


The Chilean hazelnut tree, looks different with the red shells, flowers, and leafs. The European hazelnut is what enters the world market.

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