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Willamette's New Look

We are happy to reveal Willamette Hazelnut Growers’ new logo! Through this logo, we communicate our values to our growers and customers as we take our operations to the next level:


  • Longevity

  • Professionalism

  • Growth of the Oregon industry

Our logo underscores the same message: we were, and are, growers first. Willamette started when three hazelnut farmers became processors with a grower’s perspective. Growers first refers to that same philosophy created nearly 40 years ago, and continues today. As growers, our goal is to give Oregon unparalleled leadership by supporting the development of new varieties and technology that advance our industry.

We take pride in being the longest running hazelnut supplier in America. Processors have come and gone, but at Willamette we are a family-based operation that values longevity. Now in our third generation, we’re helping the industry grow by focusing on the success of our growers and promoting Oregon hazelnuts worldwide.

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