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Summer Orchard Care


It’s almost harvest time! Taking care of your orchard in the summer can make or break your harvest. Some things to start thinking about are how many totes or bulk containers you will need, possible hauling assistance, and which Willamette facility you plan to deliver to. Contact Juliana Birkemeier to prepare for harvest.

Remember to spray for bacterial blight during harvest, if your trees aren’t bearing, or after harvest if they are. Look at the photo to the right to see what you should be aware of.

Since soil moisture levels are low, water your trees if you can.

Check with your fieldman or a WHG manager to make sure you have your applications in order.

What barriers are you facing this summer? We would love to answer any questions you have.

Let’s have a great harvest!

Summer Checklist:

  • Flail

  • Cultivate

  • Weed control

  • Sucker Control

  • Aphid Control

  • Oblique-banded leafroller

  • Filbert worm

  • Bacterial Blight control

  • Leaf and soil analysis

  • Pre-harvest care (equipment included)

  • Insect control

  • Foliar fertility

From image: look at the top of your Jefferson trees for a black tip. Bacterial blight works from the infection site up, requiring a top cut.

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