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Spring Orchard Care

2016 looks like another early year with the bloom a few weeks ahead of normal. Early on we experienced record rainfalls and windstorms across the valley. The weather put a hold on planting and application, but we will have fuller reservoirs and snowpack than last year. We recorded the wettest December and broke records such as “single day precipitation” in some cities. Now we can expect to have dry and warm weather with occasional rainfall.

Due to the early bud break and wet weather, trees are more susceptible to blight. Eastern Filbert Blight is a fungus that relies on wind to transfer it from tree to tree but needs water to infect the green tissue. Make sure you blight spray your orchards to prevent

the disease from spreading.

Talk to your fieldman about getting the right nutrients on your trees for spring.

Spring Checklist:

Compost (mulch)

Eastern Filbert Blight spray


Weed control



Sucker control




Sunscald protection (May)

Boron application (May)

Based Hazelnut Breading Program and

Nut Growers Society research.

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