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Spring Growth Project Meeting

On Thursday, May 4th, we had our Spring Growth Project Meeting for Willamette Hazelnut growers at Kropf Family Farms. If you happened to have missed the meeting, the topics and speakers were as follows:

Spring Fungicide - Jay Pscheidt

Ground Management - Barney Kropf

Weed Management - Marcelo Moretti

Q&A - Rich Birkemeier, Jeff Newton, and Barney Kropf

Here are a few notes from Mr. Pscheidt's talk on Fungicides:

"Fungicides used to control eastern filbert blight need to be used for 8 weeks starting at bud break. Typically 4 applications for products that last 2 weeks.

It takes 100,000 spores to consistently infect Ennis. The same number of spores will not infect Jefferson but 10 million will. One canker can easily produce that many spores. Trees can be infected over 100 yards away from a heavily infected orchard.

Use fungicides on resistant trees, like Jefferson, the first year after planting when grown in high inoculum (spore) conditions. For example, interplanted or downwind of a heavily infected orchard. When to stop we do not know. We suspect once new trees become established and you get feet of new growth you can stop using fungicides on resistant trees."

For more information see:

Below is a handout that Marcelo Moretti shared with the group in regards to Herbicides and Weed Management:

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