The Growth Project

Willamette offers The Growth Project as an integrated program that supports your orchards from planting to harvest.



Willamette offers workshops with the newest hazelnut research and techniques presented by industry leaders. As a participant, you also have access to our team of experts with over 35 years of experience.

Orchard Support

By participating in The Growth Project, growers will receive one-on-one guidance, on-site support, and carried chemical and fertilizer costs from any agricultural supplier until after harvest. To complete the package, we offer the highest prices in the industry.


How to Participate

All Willamette growers are automatically eligible to join The Growth Project. For new growers with pre-production and producing orchards that wish to participate in The Growth Project, please call Hayden Craig at Willamette Hazelnut for more details.  

Lily Schneider

Grower Relations Manager

(503) 583-2814

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