Hazelnut Tree Varieties

The Oregon industry has the world’s finest varieties, and thanks to OSU, they keep getting better. You’ll find information on the most popular varieties below:


The McDonald tree, named after a renowned grower from Wilsonville, is disease resistant and aimed at the kernel market filling nearly 51% of its shell compared to Barcelona at 42%. The tree's crop matures two weeks earlier and is grower friendly in terms of size. It also has a 1% incidence of mold, which compared to other trees, is much lower.


Jefferson was released for the inshell market. Its nuts have excellent appearance and flavor. For growers it has a convenient, upright growth pattern and is highly resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight. 


Yamhill is an excellent kernel variety that is highly resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight. It has a high shell-out rate of 46% and an earlier harvest date than Barcelona and encourages upright growth with pruning. Yields on our 10th leaf Yamhill have reached 4,400 lbs. per acre. 



Wepster was developed to supply the chocolate and baking industry with the ideal kernel size ranging from 11-13 millimeters and contributing to 47% of the total weight. The tree is highly resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight and its natural growth habit requires little training.


Photo credit: Becky McCluskey, OSU Hazelnut Breeding Program.

If you would like more information about buying trees, contact: Birkemeier Farms or Flying Feather Orchards.